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For each client, our services typically include
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Laxia Africa is a firm of Accountants and computer specialists offering a range of services in Taxation, Accounting and Information Technology. Founded a few years ago, the firm has experienced outstanding growth and enjoys an enviable reputation in Kenya for the quality of its services.

Its main services includes Accounting, Tax Advisory and representation, Book keeping, Debt Collection and Management and Information Technology. We offer clients the opportunity to obtain highly qualified and experienced professionals in our areas of expertise. Our team has qualified and experienced Accountants, Tax agents and computer specialists who have vast and unmatched knowledge of the highest level.



Consultancy Firm in Kenya?

  • Available full time
  • Off-load non-core function
  • Professional Services
  • Reduced operating cost
  • Reduced overhead
  • Full client support
  • Individual attention

In each assignment we bring;

  • Unmatched loyalty
  • Impeccable integrity
  • An approach specifically designed to meet the client’s needs
  • Unquestionable technical competence.

These qualities have been demonstrated to a wide variety of clients which we have served over the past years.  This record of quality service combined with high professional and ethical standards predates the formation of Laxia Africa. The management and professional staff have placed the highest value of performance with integrity throughout their careers.

In each engagement, we take the steps necessary to ensure that the client’s performance specifications are met if not exceeded by the services we agree to perform. 
Our approach includes the development of a general understanding of the client’s organization structure and governance, the sources of funding for its programs and operations, and its internal operations and standards.  We refine and expand our understanding in these areas and our understanding of our clients overall objectives as the first step in an engagement.




For each client, our services typically include the following deliverables.

  • Assignment scope definition
  • Customized Assignment approach
  • Agreed-upon report format
  • Work  inspection program

Although we believe it is important to identify our Firm as medium-sized, we further believe it is much more important for prospective clients to focus on our qualifications and experience. We are confident that such a focus will show us to be as qualified and experienced as any of our competitors. To facilitate effective and efficient delivery of quality service, we provide a team of dedicated specialists and professionals who delight themselves in providing skills and expertise in their respective areas and a personalized service to our clients.  We believe in ensuring that, each team member understands the essence of each assignment thus contributing to the overall success of the Assignment. The timeline for submission of these deliverables is client-driven.

Laxia Africa Kenya is prepared to meet required deadlines for submission of deliverables that are identified during the course of our engagement.Talk to us today to experience personalized services.


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